Treatment Package

Your Treatment package explained

Initial 1 hour no obligation consultation (face-to-face, telephone or Skype)

Six 1 hour treatment sessions at our clinic in East Sussex


  • Email support between treatments
  • Tips and tricks to calm your nervous system
  • Useful dietary and lifestyle advice 
  • Healthy recipe suggestions 


£ 75 / session

Why Six sessions?

Throughout our 2016/17 research project, it was most evident that patients began to see significant improvement within 6 sessions. We therefore ask for your commitment to six treatment sessions.

Sessions 1-2

The most reactive phase occurs in patients during the first and second treatments as we begin to build a detailed picture of how their nervous systems respond. Everybody’s Fibromyalgia is unique to them, so this is the phase where we work this out. Like un-picking a knot, you have to pull at the strands a little to see how it is formed. 

Sessions 3-5

This is the improvement phase. Patients begin to see the results of gaining more capacity within their nervous systems and see that reflected in their energy throughout the week.  This is the time when the knot you are un-picking begins to separate out and you really start to learn how it has taken shape.

Sessions 5-6

These are the ‘tweaking’ sessions where the knot almost unravels itself and patients start to feel in control. We continue treatment and start to look at ways to build your resilience for daily life and develop strategies to help make the most of where you are at.

Six sessions give us enough time to make significant change but also bring you to a place where we can help develop your energy for the future. 

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