Teresa's Story

By Chris Newton

Teresa had a classic presentation of Fibromyalgia. Pain was consistent and would flare up regularly. She’s mentioned that she was going to bed earlier and earlier and only getting a couple of hours before waking again and feeling exhausted by day break. 

Over the course of a few sessions we started to make progress until one day she had some trouble with her neighbours and we almost returned to square one, like Snakes and Ladders. 

We call these events ‘Triggers’. Triggers can be physical or emotional and can recreate many of the dysfunctions we work hard to resolve. For some people it can be an argument that reminds you of past experiences. For other its may simps be climbing stairs that irritates a problem in your feet of knees. Either way triggers, for us, are a way to learn about you. It’s what makes your system go into overdrive. Without finding your triggers it is very hard to know what will flare you up. 

When we treat we look for triggers the whole time. If we manage to find a clear a problem in your nervous system, we then go about trying to recreate it. So, if we find and resolve a problem in your knee, we sill then get you using that knee to see if the problem returns. 

Some Triggers however are emotional and we have to wait to for the right event to trip them. This may seem frustrating at first, waiting for an unknown evert to happen, but you’ll learn how to recognise triggers as we go through treatment. You’ll feel the difference when things suddenly turn from good to bad. By learning this you’ll learn about yourself and begin to understand fibromyalgia. Which leads you to the ultimate goal . . .  Control. 


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