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Advanced Sports Massage
Skills Course.

Remove the guesswork. Get lasting results.

Starting September 7th 2019

Did you ever wish you could take part in a CPD course that tailored itself to you?

We will be taking a small group of 10 people through a ten month course, one Saturday per month, with the aim of doing just that. Come join us as we embark on an exploration of the body, learn new techniques, improve clinical reasoning and build the skills that separate the average from the extraordinary.

The purpose of the course is to take the guess work out of treating specific body areas so you can improve your results. Whilst the tone for each class will be set around a specific topic, we will be using our private Facebook group to help build the day based on your needs. You’ll be able to ask all your questions up front, so we can structure the day around answering those exact issues. We will then use the Facebook group to support you in applying that new knowledge when you’re back in clinic. Over the 10 months we aim to build your confidence to a level where you can be the most advanced Soft Tissue Therapist in your area.

The Course

Day 1:

The Pelvis

Day 1 starts at the pelvis. At the centre of the body it works to manage both the torso and the legs so is a great place to start.

Day 2:

Hips to the Knees

Moving down from the pelvis to look at the relationship between the hips and the knees. Learn how to spot where knee pain may be coming from.

Day 3:

Knees to the Feet

How do the feet and knees interrelate? This day will focus mostly on the feet but bring our assessment and treatment techniques up the legs also.

Day 4:

Torso and Spine

Mobility of the Torso and Spine are paramount in treating many clients, from back pain to shoulder injuries. We will explore new techniques and assessment skills to help you address this area.

Day 5:

T-Spine to the Shoulder

Possibly the most challenging joint in the body, the shoulder is the focus of this session. Understanding where the issue is driving from is key, so we include the spine in our assessments again today.

Day 6:

Shoulder to the Hand

Moving down from the shoulder we look at the the onward problems that affect the arm. We will cover tricky issues such as Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow in this session.

Day 7:

Tissue Conditioning

As a Soft Tissue Therapist you have to consider tissue conditioning. Tissues need to tolerate the conditions placed upon them, so it is paramount that we address this deficit for longterm results.

Day 8:

Pain Education for Clients

Understanding chronic pain is a minefield. We have to consider far more than the site of pain and ask ourselves, “why aren’t they healing?” Education is a big part of that.

Day 9:

Bringing it all together Part 1

We will bring together everything we have learnt over the past few months. This session gives you the opportunity to revisit the skills learnt in earlier modules and apply them with the new knowledge gained later in the course. 

Day 10:

Bringing it all together Part 2

This final day is a Q & A opportunity. By this point we hope to see you’ve mastered the techniques we learnt. So this session is all about reasoning through what you have found and practicing your assessment skills. 

Limited Space

We want you to get exceptional value on this course, so numbers are strictly limited to ten people*. This way we can get all your questions answered. 

Not only will this be a small personalised course but we also aim to keep the cost right down. We will be charging just £95 for each class**, run on the first Saturday of each month. The course will be held at Muscle Therapies Clinic in Forest Row, East Sussex.

*As soon as we’ve received enough interest in the course we will contact you for the chance to sign up. Minimum 6 people on the course, max 10. Depending on interest, we hope to start the course in September 2019.

**You will be signing up for the full course of 10 classes to be paid monthly by standing order.


Muscle Therapies, Unit 14, Riverview Business Park, Station Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5FS


Booking is now open but spaces are strictly limited.