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Prof. Lorimer Moseley explaining pain

By Chris Newton

Here’s a wonderful TEDx Talk by Professor Lorimer Moseley. In his ever humorous way, he explains how pain is just an interpretation of pain within the brain from receptors in the body. 

We catch a lot of flack on social media at The Fibro Project because people misinterpret this as us saying “Pain is all in your head”. This is not what pain science is saying. What we are saying is pain is an interpretation of a very real stimulus. Watch to the end to learn how experiments can show that the brain is interpreting pain in a myriad of strange ways. It’s enlightening. 

To learn more from Dr Moseley I recommend his book The Explain Pain Handbook as a very easy read for the non-academic. 

I hope you enjoy the video.

“Pain, in different situations, can be totally different because of meaning… If we keep running the neurones that give the illusion of pain, in the absence of tissue damage, the brain gets better at producing pain. The nerves endings become more and more sensitive, so we need a smaller and smaller stimulus to create pain. The illusion is therefore trying to protect you from something that doesn’t need protecting. Yet despite it being an illusion, it is very real.” 

Prof Lorrimer Moseley, TedX

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