Our Mission

Let us explain what the Fibro Project aims to achieve

Our mission is to help those suffering from Fibromyalgia and develop our treatment protocols to become the most consistently effective treatment available. For us, that means at least 85% of patients must consistently benefit from our work, significantly reducing occurrences of exhaustion, pain and flare ups. To achieve our goal we need to commit to a few primary objectives as follows:

1. Listen: The Fibro community do not feel listened to and this is reflected in the treatment options available. These treatments are aimed at managing symptoms and not looking of the root cause. What a patient says about their problem gives many clues as to what is going on so we must listen to the detail of what is being said in order that we do not jump to any conclusions that will not bring forth resolution for the patient. 

2. Study: We aim to continually study new techniques and develop our understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Our primary objective is to do a peer reviewed research project to build an evidence base that practitioners around the world can follow. 

3. Learn:  As we learn what works and what does not, we must be conscious to adapt what we are doing and apply only the most appropriate patient care. Learning from our successes and our mistakes. 

4. Update:  Over time, as we listen, study and learn from our patients and our work, we must not stick to old thinking but instead be willing to adapt our protocols to give the most effective treatment to our Fibromyalgia patients. 

The overall Mission is to develop a tried and tested protocol that is repeatable for anyone with Fibromyalgia. This is why we must continue to work with the incredible support of the FMS community and develop a trusting relationship based on firm positive data. 


Read some of our patients' stories

Patient Stories

Charlotte’s Story

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Charlotte’s Story By Chris Newton Charlotte was one of those Fibromyalgia cases that really makes you understand why sufferers find it so hard to convince

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Patient Stories

Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story By Chris Newton Nicole probably gave us the longest list of traumatic life events that I’ve seen so far with a Fibro patient.

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