Our Mission

“To continue to find ways to empower men and women suffering from fibromyalgia with compassionate solution focussed guidance and community, so that they feel supported in their journey to regaining health once more.”

About Us.

Chris Newton has been practicing as a Soft Tissue Therapist since 2006 when he opened his clinic  in West Sussex, UK, and has been teaching the subject since 2010 at a leading London School. 

Very quickly his interests moved from Sports Injuries to helping people with more chronic pain conditions and he has dedicated himself to this cause ever since.

In 2015 he decided to run a small self funded project to see if the emerging field of Functional Neurology would be of benefit to his Fibromyalgia clients, as it seemed effective in improving hyper sensitivity in the nervous system. 

Over the course of a year he donated over one hundred sessions, split between fifteen volunteers, and the results were better than expected – 75% of people had a marked improvement in their day to day energy and most of them even improved in their day-to-day pain levels too.

But, as always, nothing is perfect in the world of pain management and as time went on we began to notice a decline in results, which begged the question… Why?

Looking over all the results to date, we realised that those who improve are the people that fully engaged in the coaching process of Pain Education, as well as committing to any treatment they receive. They were keen to make the lifestyle tweaks and build a team around them, whilst continually searching for safety signs within their body. 

Those that didn’t improve nearly as much, or even at all, were unwilling to be coached. They were still looking for someone to “Fix” them instead of using our lessons to guide new choices.  

This realisation spawned what you see here today. An online coaching resource aimed to help you learn to heal from pain and recover from exhaustion in a sustainable and self empowering way. 


Always there to listen and understand that we all have significant challenges that we are challenged to overcome.


Put the power in the hands of the people that need it most, allowing Fibromyalgia sufferers to become self reliant in health.


To deliver pain education to the best of our knowledge, knowing that we do not have all the answers but will strive to find them.

Self Realisation

Always working to help others reach their fullest potential, in spite of all the unique challenges that they face.


Despite the clear difficulties in assisting people with FMS, we will continue to persist in working towards our mission goals.


We will endeavour to create an environment where our members can feel safe to explore and challenge their health.

If demystifying Fibromyalgia sounds like something you’d like to explore, then come join us…

**T&Cs: We are not offering a “Hack” or a “Get pain free fast” service here. It takes time and commitment to heal from Fibromyalgia. The same way it does from any chronic pain condition. Unfortunately, that’s just the way Mother Nature intended it. But, if you want unbiased advice towards regaining health, based on the latest science and more than a decade of experience working with people in chronic pain, then we might well be the perfect stepping stone to provide just that for you.