Nicole's Story

By Chris Newton

Nicole probably gave us the longest list of traumatic life events that I’ve seen so far with a Fibro patient. She had been suffering for about 12 years, although the diagnosis only came a few years back and this list reflected those years of struggle.

This biggest problem we faced however, was not the long list of trauma events but the nervousness and fear that both Fibromyalgia and previous treatment approaches had instilled in her. For someone that has had physical and emotional traumas plus a number of years of not being listened to, it is not surprising that anxiety was a feature of her life. This is why a large part of the work we do here at the Fibro Project is in coaching and education. 

Fear comes from the lack of understanding and concern over the unknown. It is said that anticipation of an act is always worse than the act itself. Time, education and experience are the three main ways we can overcome our fears and anxieties. Nobody will reduce their anxiety over the prospect of working with us just by reading through this website. So we take time to get to know you, learn what your fears are about with fibromyalgia, pain and treatment, and then help you to gain positive experiences that will settle your anxieties. 

This was a major part of our work with Nicole. Whilst she was extremely open minded and willing to learn, she still needed to set the pace. So we gave her the space to talk and listen before each and every treatment session. Much of this time was used for me to break her faulty beliefs about pain. Educating her became just as powerful a treatment protocol as the neuro-receptor work we use to balance your nervous system.

We started to see changes right from day one and after three weeks we could already see that it was time to space the appointments further apart to see how she did over longer periods of time. It was lovely to hear her talk about the improvements she noticed over these periods. She was quickly gaining back her ability to function throughout the day and our favourite improvement was when she came in with a big grin, telling me she could finally wear tighter fitting clothes because her skin didn’t hurt anymore. She followed that be giving me a hug, which is by far the best reward for a job well done!

Here are a few words from Nicole about her experience.  

Chris has been helping me over the last couple of months. It has been amazing so I wanted to write and summarise my experience. I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 12 years. I have literally tried pretty much everything and spent thousands of pounds doing so. Just by chance I found a lovely sports massage therapist who kindly put me in touch with Chris. I was a bit wary about becoming involved in this project. I didn’t want to raise my hopes and have them dashed like so many times before. However, there was still a nugget of positivity inside me and I always felt as though the golden ticket was out there somewhere. I think I found it in Chris. It took a long time for me to understand what Chris was doing. I don’t know why as it now all seems too simple. In fact, it was the simplicity that I found so confusing after so many years of trying a searching! Chris mentioned at the beginning that he often finds physical and sometimes emotional trauma locked inside the body. I had both, deep down I knew this, I just didn’t know how to change. So this is what we worked through. It was hard – really hard. It was exhausting at times. It made me both hopeful and doubtful and then we had a couple of really powerful sessions which I can honestly say have changed my life. I have much more energy day to day and I have not had ‘fibro’ pain for about 5 weeks. I have started to be able to wear ’normal’ tighter-fitting clothes and do more in the evening as opposed to clock watching and counting down the hours until I can jump into a hot bath. I feel stronger and most importantly, I feel as though I can be the mother that my children deserve to have. Like others who have been lucky enough to get treatment from Chris, I don’t know how long it will last and I’m still adjusting but I’m just enjoying living life (normally!) one day at a time and feeling a lot more positive and confident about the future. Next step is to start exercise, watch this space….!

Throughout the treatment, Chris was supportive, empathetic, witty, encouraging and relentlessly positive. I am beyond grateful for what he has achieved and I hope he realises the immensity of what he is doing. Big Thanks Chris and the Fibro Project.


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