Karen's Story

By Chris Newton

I’d originally met Karen a few years before she developed Fibromyalgia. She has had a heavy tree branch fall on her head whilst out walking and been knocked unconscious. Several years later she heard about what I was doing with FMS and got back in touch, having been diagnosed a few years earlier. 

Karen’s energy was at an all time low but she also owned her own business (a boxing gym of all things) so she needed to be up beat and handle some very intense individuals. You can imagine how hard it was for her to drag herself out of bed every morning. 

As we worked over the 6 sessions, which we spend over about 3 months, her energy began to return. The biggest change we had however, turned out to be in her digestion. This hadn’t been good for many years but as we reorganised her nervous system responses we saw a huge improvement in her digestion and this had a knock on effect to improve all her pain and energy systems. 

The digestive system is managed by the Vagus Nerve, a large primary nerve that deals with stress responses and digestion. This is one of the reasons I say that Fibromyalgia is a nervous system issue, not a pain issue. By stabilising the Vagus Nerve, we were able to regain control over all the other symptoms of FMS. 

Here’s Karen in her own words . . .

“Six free sessions were offered as part of a trial to determine if this treatment can really help fibro sufferers. The difference it has made to my life has been amazing. From not being able to put my feet on the floor when trying to get out of bed every morning to now walking my dogs and feeling that I can do anything I want once again. Being consumed by pain is draining, and there are no words to describe how it makes you feel. Conventional medicine did nothing to relieve my symptoms at all in fact I think it made it worse. I hope Chris is successful in making this a recognised form of treatment available to everyone.


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