Graeme's Story

By Chris Newton

Whilst women make up the majority of those that suffer from Fibromyalgia, Graeme is evidence that this dis-ease can affect anyone. 

Graeme was particularly anxious and withdrawn when we first met. Fibro had really knocked his confidence and was affecting his work and social life like it does everyone. Graeme used to enjoy playing sports and was still attempting to carry on playing cricket in the summer months, where the FMS took less of a hold over him. However, it was the usual story, just turning up to play would have him exhausted for days afterwards. All credit to him for not letting this illness stop him from trying to do what he loves. 

Graeme was actually one of my early patients when we were trialling this technique on a voluntary basis. Back then it was all about testing and tweaking my hypothesis and I can’t thank those people enough who volunteered to let me use them as test subjects. 

At the point I saw Graeme I was still fixated on the ‘Trigger Event’ being the because of Fibromyalgia but it was his case that taught me to take a wider view on things. I learnt over those weeks that it is less about the trigger event and more about the list of physical and emotional traumas that lead to it. Graeme’s anxiety from a young age showed me that the otherwise benign events of the past can be a struggle to deal with, so those events that us practitioners would overlook turned out to be the key to reorganisation of his nervous system. 

It was great to hear Graeme’s story unfold over the weeks and see his energy rise to a place where he could handle a day’s work, overtime and socialise in the evening without a flare up. That’s the gold standard for any human being! 

Here’s Graeme in his own words. . .

“I have recently finished my treatment plan with The Fibro Project. Chris has been fantastic and very empathetic. I had gone through a very difficult period where my fibromyalgia had become far more severe and restrictive. Most days I was fatigued and in pain.

After the first couple of sessions I was requiring a lot of rest and was still crashing but I was already having better days. Half way through the treatment I was getting in a much better position and able to undertake extra work. I was having consecutive days of decent energy levels and was getting home from work and not feeling tired.

This week I have been able to function properly and how I expect I should be able to for someone of my age. On Monday I did an hour extra at work, Tuesday I did another hour of overtime and went for a curry. Wednesday I had my last treatment and yesterday I managed to work from 8.30 until 7 with an hour’s lunch break and with no noticeable feeling of being tired in the afternoon. I then went to the cinema. I am so pleased and grateful for Chris’ help.

Chris has also given me some good exercises to help me with my tight hamstrings and hip flexors. My pain is reducing and my energy levels are brilliant. I honestly feel like it is on wards and upwards for me. 

Here’s hoping this treatment takes off!


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