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First of all we take a thorough history of your FMS. This will include any incidents prior to FMS starting. This can go all the way back to childhood and includes both physical and emotional traumas that you may have sustained. 

Once we have your history form treatment involves testing the your nervous system receptors against the subtle reflexes they makes to protect you. We test various different receptor types manually, this can be anything from lightly touching your skin with a cocktail stick to trigger sharp pain receptors to making sound to trigger the hearing reflexes. None of the  receptor challenges are uncomfortable. Once the receptor has been challenged, we then test the associated reflex via the muscle strength it affects. 

Once we have found the faulty receptor system we stimulate it by the same manner then cause a new reflex – usually by tapping a tendon or making your blink. This allows the nervous system to recognise the fault it has and reset the receptors. 

Treatment is very subtle, like all good therapies are, and minimally invasive.