Dani's Story

By Chris Newton

Dani was the first Fibro patient to come through the project back in 2016. We all owe her a huge debt of gratitude because she was the first person willing to let me experiment on her!

At the time I had the early thoughts that Fibromyalgia could be a nervous system processing problem, rather than a physical one. I knew from many years as a manual therapist that treating FMS as a tissue pain condition did not work. I also knew that FMS was far more than just tissue pain. I had met hundreds of people at that point in my career with chronic pain but very few with Fibromyalgia and I alway asked myself “why the difference?”.

When learning Functional Neurology I realised that I might be able to help Dani, whom I’d met a few months earlier. She agreed to let me give this new work a go on her to see what would happen. 

Dani would flare up just walking across a room. She could bump into a door frame and not flare but brush against a coffee table and literally swell up there and then. She had two young children under 8 years old and both understood that if Mummy was asleep on the sofa that she was in a fibro fog and needed taking care of. 

Over 3 months we worked on balancing the threat signals in the nervous system and made huge improvements. She was able to sustain energy throughout the day and didn’t fall asleep on the sofa anymore. What was really special was to see her start a cake making business and really make a success of it. Something she would never have considered just a few months earlier. 

So this particular post is a Thank You. Thanks you for letting me try out my ideas on you and open up the door for others that suffer with FMS to get improvements inter energy. 


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Dani’s Story

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Dani’s Story By Chris Newton Dani was the first Fibro patient to come through the project back in 2016. We all owe her a huge

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