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Chris newton

Chris has been working in physical health since 2006, starting his career as a Sports Massage Therapist. A few years later he began teaching Sports Massage for the leading London School – NLSSM School of Sports Massage – were he was quickly promoted to senior tutor. In this role he has had the privilege to teach hundreds of new therapists and develop an industry leading course curriculum.

Chris took an interest in studying movement therapies shortly after graduating and spent many years developing strategies to help Persistent Pain clients move freely again. 

He noticed that patients would often not respond to musculoskeletal interventions, so when he learnt about the work of Dr José Palomar MD, he realised what the missing piece of the puzzle was – Neurology. Since graduating in P-DTR Functional Neurology, Chris has developed his unique approach combining P-DTR, Movement and Education into a system that is proving extremely effective for those suffering from Fibromyalgia.

Chris started the Fibro Project in 2016 when he hypothesised that Fibromyalgia could be a disorganisation of the nervous system, rather than a disease of the muscles. His first patient was an old client that gave their trust to Chris to experiment with this hypothesis. She improved rapidly, leading Chris to wonder whether this was a fluke and whether it could be repeated. So he promoted an opportunity for 10 FMS sufferers to be treated at his own cost in return for their feedback. Again, the response to treatment was far better than we all expected with all 10 patients making a huge recovery in their daily energy and reduced pain. 

Since then Chris has promoted The Fibro Project to help sufferers of this condition learn about, and benefit from, a neurological approach to treatment of their symptoms. 

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Patient Stories

Charlotte’s Story

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Charlotte’s Story By Chris Newton Charlotte was one of those Fibromyalgia cases that really makes you understand why sufferers find it so hard to convince

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Patient Stories

Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story By Chris Newton Nicole probably gave us the longest list of traumatic life events that I’ve seen so far with a Fibro patient.

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